Saturday, December 3, 2011


oh gosh! i miss blogging! :)
well, forget all the emo post abt tht guy who actually cheated on me. oh my god, seriously? u need to cheat on me? m i really tht bad of a gf tht u need a new 1 ? well, whatever! i've moved on! AND!

i wish yr new girlfriend, ALL THE BEST :)

p/s- forget all the sweet things he ever done for me too! it's not worth me remembering anyway. pfft!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wishlist 2011

OKay, so my birthday is coming & idk wat i really want for my birthday.. But i think i can manage a wishlist :)

p/s- to all my friends who are reading, this is a hint for u :P

well, i wan a
* hp, (my red 1 is dying soon! :S)
*purse (i think i hav a new obsession)
*heel (i need a new dinner heels)
*watch (my other new obsession!)

hmm, wat elseeee ?
some FriendsForEver perhaps? :D

well, when i hav an update in my brain, i shall update my blogg :)

Sunday, December 26, 2010


So, ask me what did i do on Christmas...
Go on, Ask!

This is wat i did on christmas,
okay, i'll start wit christmas eve,
1) went grocery shopping, manage 2 get a turkey & some other stuff
2) discover tht ALL shops gonna b close until the 28th dec, thtz the day i'm leaving!
3) went & get some stuff for every1 as all gonna b close, only manage some keychains:(
4) told my sister i wanna do some shopping as all gonna b close till 28th, thinking i could mayb get some souvenir then, but still dint manage anything coz my sister was kinda like, *bising*
5) went home, started cooking the turkey
6) turkey was cooked for 4 hours!, dnt ask why:) long story to tht
7) only started eating at, 10 something. went with some red wine:)
*dinner was goood!!
thtz much abt my christmas eve.
rate it, 1 - 10 how boring it was...

1) woke up, wit a plan 2 go to the beach
2) wash my face
3) had some breakfast
4) turn on the laptop
5) on9/ how i met yr mother
6) got bored of how i met yr mother eventually
7) watch some other stuff
8) sleep
yes! what happen 2 plan 2 go 2 the beach? well, it was BURNING hot outside, & lotsa outside story 2 why. So basically, i was like rotting 2 death here for christmas!
what a wonderful Christmas.

So much for celebrating it here in Aus.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

so much for saying no

"NO! i'm not going food hunting it u guys!, i've got exams men, FINAL! need 2 study la."

when the day came,
Deetraa: letz just join them for lunch la..
Jaclyn: hmm.. okay la..

"after lunch, where we going food hunting?" said cwei
" i'm not going!" "okay, then u go back la after sending me to college" "okay"
In HELP college parking lot,
"are you coming or not CHOONG PUI YUNG!"
"aiyooo! ok la ok la. but dnt go back so late u knw" "5 we'll go back la"
okay !

At 5PM, we were in VINCCI Ikano still looking at shoes! but after tht we went back.
took the wrong way back 2 HELP &
Deetraa: we'll just go back 1st la..
Jaclyn: okay okay.. we'll meet them in my hse la..
then we turn turn turn, we ACTUALLY! end up back in bangsar. so we decided to go back 2 HELP & wait for them & only to discover tht we were FASTER THAN ng chew wei!
and i was driving slower than 80 KM/HR!!!

left HELP abt, 6? & tak tahu where tht ng chew wei bawa me, i end up getting caught in a jam TWICE!
came back at 7. was like, in DEEP HOT SOUP!!

what a day! & so much for saying NO 2 food hunting!

Friday, September 10, 2010

family.. it seams

How is it call a family when we dnt even spend any family time together anymore?

i'm seriously feeling tht my familly is going 2 break apart soon.
1 day, i'm seriously going 2 tell her straight in her face,
" Do u still treat us a family? Tell me the last time u had lunch wit us? as a family!"

i cant take this anymore!
any1 should knw tht i put family 1st in every matter!
buying me/sister stuffs are not! call family time!
things are just getting worst after my sister left.
its freaking raya!
& she rather drink herbalife at home! than to go out & hav dinner wit my dad & I!
come on la! when else do u wan to spend family time!

i so sick of hearing her say,
" dnt wan la. u guys go eat. i want to drink herbalife" !

Saturday, August 28, 2010


It has been exactly 7 days i've been stuck at home!

Normally, when ppl gets sick, the need healthy food 2 get themselves back 2 shape.
But me?
i practically only ate,

Maggie Mee,
and thtz abt it?

Everyday i feel like i'm getting weaker. Its not because i'm not getting better, it coz i've nvr gotten any solid food. The best part of all is, i dnt even hav the energy 2 walk out to get myself some food:(


Mei Yap

This may b a lil late but,

Mei Yap Lai Yi!

Hope you liked yr Surprise Party & Yr Birthday Gift